Hernandez For State House 51

Your Voice for Polk

Tu Voz para Polk 

Tu Voix pour Polk

What I'm Fighting For

Public Education

Education prepares an individual to be a good citizen. No responsible government, healthy economy, or orderly society could survive without an informed citizenry.

"Enlightment Philosophy"

Smart Growth

As concrete streets replace fields and parks we begin to lose our land and culture. Rapid growth, like a weed, chokes the life out of communities. The infrastructure for our citizens must match the growth of development.

Mental Health

As mental health problems arise and affects all people across Polk. Our campaign will focus on finding different outlets to meet our mental health professional shortage.

This is a Call to Action: For the People by the People.

Click on the links for different ways to get involved.  From donating, canvassing, signing a petition, volunteering for the campaign, or simply by giving your opinion. YOUR VOICE MATTERS!

American Mexican; Father; Teacher

Hello, I'm Octavio Hernandez candidate for FL State Representative District 51.  I immigrated here from Mexico.  While my origins are from Mexico, my roots are planted here.  I grew up in Central Florida.  I'm a UCF alum with a B.A. in Political Science.  I proudly serve in Polk County schools as an Algebra teacher and union member.  I decided to run to be a role model for my students.  I want to show them that this country is for the people by the people.  That any American citizen regardless of their origins has the constitutional right to make this country better for all.  Together, we can make Florida a better place for all of its citizens.


P.O Box 746 Loughman, FL 33858